Salvias in the sunshine

We’ve had some weeks of the most splendid dry, warm weather for May. On a weekend wander around the garden I still stumble across splashes of colour, like these incredible salvia.

The other things I stumble across are weeds. Millions of weeds. I clear one area, move to the next, look back over my shoulder and nature has taken control again and weeds run rampant. Gardening seems to be primarily a war waged with grass. Getting grass to behave on a lawn; feeding, and watering and tending and clipping. Stopping grass from taking over everywhere else: pushing between pavers, sending explorative snaking feelers up between the edges of weed mats and winding around, over, under gardenias, and striving up towards the sunshine like jungle vines through the hawthorn.

The Peepers are always keen on a spot of weeding. Destructive gardening is their forte.


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