Running buddies, and winter fluffies

Even though we live on acreage and are surrounded by paddocks—it’s effectively a permanent walk in the park for our dogs—there’s nothing Duke and Charlie love more than joining me on a job: chasing me while I drive out with the bins, doing the morning breakfast rounds of the Peeper Palace and ponies, hanging out a basket of washing, heading out into the garden. But their favourite thing of all is coming out for a run with me.

Charlie doubles back to give me encouragement on the road outside our property
Duke is thoughtful enough to wait while I catch up

This week I bundled up Duke and Charlie for their first run in the local dog park and they were so well-behaved. Despite a little opera howling in the car on the way (I’m looking at you, Duke), even the journey there and back was surprisingly smooth.  This bodes well for adventures out with the doggies.

Now we’re having some genuinely cold nights, the cats have become lap-seeking missiles. Jasper, in particular, is feeling the chill.

The Peepers are also adapting to the cool change and short days. Jupiter Janie and Penny are moulting and look rather shabby. They’ve also given up laying eggs for the time being, leaving our sweet little Mabel to carry the can. Most days she lays a whopper of an egg, which dwarfs the organic free-range eggs with which I’ve had to supplement our supplies.

Store-bought egg, left, Mabel’s work of art, right

Happy weekend, Peepers.

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