Cheese, please, and other treats

The dogs and chooks both hang around the back door hoping I’ll bring out a treat or two, and they’re usually right. I’m not sure if there’s anything more adorable than my hens, Penny and Mabel, leaping up to grab a piece of cheese—I’m sure they’ll surprise me with some new trick.

After the sad loss of Jupiter Janie, I am much more cautious about watching the girls and putting them back to bed rather than leaving them to make their own way back at dusk. Mabel can really drag the chain, though. She’s keen to spend every second she can outside doing her own thing, on her terms, thanks. Even a sweet corn on the cob is not temptation enough some days … But when I pick her up, she’s quite relaxed about being carried and patted.

Happy weekend, Peepers!

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