Little helpers

As I potter around the property I’m usually shadowed by Duke and Charlie. Duke, in particular, is a loyal and loving little guy. Even when it’s pitch black and I make my way up to the horses by torchlight, Duke treads along quietly by my feet.

Charlie is definitely the responsible one. He takes his job of guarding the house very seriously. If we’re on the back deck using the barbecue, he visits long enough to get a snack, then runs back to his spot by the door to keep an eye on things. He’s the door bell and alarm system. Nothing escapes his attention, not a man coming to read the electricity metre, not the neighbour doing a boundary check, not the cows just passing by the fence behind the house, not a damn thing. Sometimes I wish he’d be a little less vocal, but that’s his job.

If I’m out picking up horse poo—a job that seems neverending at the moment as we’re resting a paddock, so not rotating the horses as much as we would normally, and because the grass is so low that every decorative dollop is on display—the dogs stick nearby, helpfully standing exactly where I need to be.

Our chook Mabel loves to stick close, too, and I was surprised to see she had wandered out to join us in the back paddock.

​ And both girls, Mabel and Penny, love to join the gang after spending some time pottering around doing their thing.

Have a good week, Peepers.

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