Icy morning

I love winter mornings. The dogs do, too. 

But once the sun rises and the frost melts into the grass – the only moisture we’ve had for months – the days are perfection. I wish it was like this all year. 

The horses are feeling great. Rugs off and full tummies. What a life. 

When Walter does his Houdini act and swims across the dam to get to the lawn, he also gets the pleasure of carting me back up to the yard. Funny pony. Notice, he’s still damp from his aquatic endeavours. 

And feeling aggrieved that he’s been returned to his paddock, he just can’t help himself bossing Ellie around. 

The Peepers are sticking close since we lost Jupiter Janie, they’re putting in the hard yards helping me in the feed shed, around the garden and up by the horses. Sweet girls. 

Happy weekend, Peepers! 

2 comments on “Icy morning

  1. This both sounds and looks amazing! Lovely photos and videos as well!


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