It’s a dirty job, but the Peepers are on it

I learnt the hard way when we lost Jupiter Janie to a fox. The Peepers already stay in their run on the days I’m at work, but now I also put them back into the run if I’m going inside for a while or out to the shops or something. They used to be pretty reluctant to go back in if it wasn’t getting towards bedtime, but it’s like they know now. They come running when called and follow me in. We’re a tight little team, the Peepers and me.

Sure, the corn helps.

After a few hours hard graft dislodging manure compost from around the base of trees and digging out precious plants and sugar cane mulch in the garden, the Peepers are ready to chill out with a dust bath.

They don’t let a little matter of garden irrigation pipes and sprinklers get in their way.

People always ask if I’m going to get more chooks, but the little team is so tight … time will tell.



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