Garden chores

This Winter has been a mixed bag. The other day it was 26 degrees then last night down to about 2 degrees. Today was very mild and beautiful; blue skies smeared with wisps of cloud. It makes me worry about the heat to come. Last summer has traumatised me – so many days over 40, everything so dry. 

Anyway, today I let the horses out for a while and John and I made a start on replacing some old fencing. Four horses produce an unbelievable amount of poo so I’m making a couple of giant compost piles in the bottom paddock to mulch down and then dress the gardens. 

My back garden is still flowering, and the bulbs are making their way towards the sun. 

The native shrubs look splendid, too. 

And the tub of lavender is a welcome splash of colour on the way into the house.

It’s like Spring is coming early with the wind, stirring up the horses. 

And Walter is still trying his trick of swimming across the dam to help himself to the lawn. It’s hard to be angry, he’s just such a funny little fellow. 

Happy weekend, Peepers! 

5 comments on “Garden chores

  1. Just beautiful pictures of your garden. Seeing butterflies among flowers in the winter is novel after 10 years of UK winters. Walter is too cute & cheeky. Just hope he doesn’t inspire the others. xx

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  2. It does seem funny to see the daffodils flowering at the same time as the lavender and osteospernums! Winter in the UK is definitely more sparse!


    • It’s so weird here in Australia at the moment. A very warm winter with days up to 26, and tonight we’re due for a frost again!

      I love that combo of osteospernums and lavender! The colours are so beautiful!

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  3. Simply excellent photos of your garden…


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