Rest and recreation

I’m really happy with my little garden bed at the back. Everything is looking so pretty. 

There’s a few weeds I need to deal with, and the rest of the garden is still a shambles. The irrigation system is a wreck and I keep ignoring it. But I’ll pay the price in summer if I don’t sort it out soon. 

I’ve also done my first week working from home. 

The cats have been loyal companions, though I must admit they don’t make amazing conversationalists. 

The Peepers hang about by the back door hoping for a chat and a snack, but there’s no time for chinwagging while I’m working, girls.

Today I went on strike. After taking out the rubbish and cleaning up horse poo (again, an endless and thankless task) and mopping the laundry floor after the dogs crapped on it for the FIFTH time this week (John had to clean it up twice; not a great way to start the morning), I pulled the plug on this weekend and went back to bed. I needed a day reading and dozing and doing very, very little. 

So I did not get further with working with Ellie. Though last week had been so rewarding and promising. 

6 comments on “Rest and recreation

  1. Life sounds idyllic!


  2. Such a pretty garden


  3. This is lovely! Your garden really seems to be taking shape, looking beautiful! Oh, and your cats look so nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Gardening is hard work – you finish one spot and move onto the next, and the weeds chase you.

      The cats are the sweetest little buddies, very social and friendly.
      All the animals are darlings!


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