Summer’s calling

I think it’s fair to say winter is behind us. The days are lengthening and the sun is gaining strength. And, boy, am I worried. We’ve had, at best, two good rains this year; there’s no grass. We gaze at the forecast on the weather app, longing for rain. “So it looks like we’re not getting rain on Monday, now,” J says. “But maybe next Thursday.” As if they ever predict accurately that far ahead. When we lived in the city, droughts were just a conversation filler. Once you’re unhooked from the metro water system and trying to feed grazing animals, the climate has a more powerful means of pulling your emotions about.

We have kept the horses out of the top paddock and sacrificed the yards (now dust) and bottom paddock (nothing to graze, just good for exercise, really). The horses are getting fed three times a day: expensive, and hardly ideal. I can tell they crave fresh grass. All the farms around us are hand-feeding their cattle, too.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted. Now that I work from home I try to pack in lots of activities (read: chores) before I start. The other morning I took some pics as dawn broke, while I was driving out to the bin. It’s a magic time of day.

Happy weekend, Peepers!

Ellie is losing her winter coat

2 comments on “Summer’s calling

  1. Fingers crossed for some good rain for you soon xx


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