Misty morning

As the mornings get cooler, the fog clings tighter. Sometimes it doesn’t burn off til almost nine o’clock. Today, 12 degrees nipped at my bare ankles as I went out to feed the horses, but you can’t hide from the heat and it ended up a cat-melting 38 degrees. Please send winter…

A few days ago, I let the horses out onto the top paddock and, having been deprived of green grass during the hot summer, they got to business.

Ellie’s tummy was not impressed. The vet did his magic and she’s a happy girl again, but now she only gets 15 minutes in the paddock. Them’s the brakes.

3 comments on “Misty morning

  1. Beautiful kitties! So glad Ellie’s tummy is feeling better 🙂


    • Yes, so am I! She was lying there groaning and I was very worried. Trapped wind, the vet diagnosed!

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      • Wow! The groaning would have worried me too! I would LOVE to let my donks out to pasture like I see other horses & donkeys but… have worked so hard getting weight off of them. I’m only letting them out for a few hours late in the day because I know they would over-eat! So hard to find the right balance…


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