Stirring up the horses

Our evenings are often interrupted by some noisy but amazing visitors

This is my favourite time of the year. There’s a crispness to the air, yet the sun is still warm. The sticky, horrid humidity, which makes hair cling damply to the back of your neck and harbours battalions of thirsty flies, is gone. The only downside is the dark drawing in closer with each night. The evenings are still beautiful though.

Around dusk most days, a huge flock of cockatoos pass by as they take a last screeching flight before the light fades.

I filmed this flock (below, in the first video) in the moody light of a gathering late summer storm. The noise almost sends shivers down my spine but the formation is truly something splendid. They move like liquid.


The horses are quite frisky now it has cooled down a bit; they’re full of energy and feeling good. When it’s dinner time and I call for them, they come at a flat gallop. Recently, the cockies swooped around them, stirring up our little team by the dam. Ellie is our little star prancing around like a sausage.


Hope you enjoy the videos.

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