Cat coaching and squishy eggs 

Our little man Jasper loves coaching me when I’m on the Spin bike. This is not a one-off. If I’m not careful, he changes the music by stepping on the phone. Everyone’s a critic, eh.

And his new favourite spot is in a little blanket cave on the couch. If I’m working and I haven’t seen him all day, this is where I’ve been finding him recently. 

The irises opened this morning. 

And in the Peeper Palace I discovered one of the girls had laid an egg outside. A soft egg. Weird. (Excuse the dirty hands; I’d just fed the horses.)

And this was the view from the deck this evening. Magic. 

4 comments on “Cat coaching and squishy eggs 

  1. What a view Cara – beautiful! x


  2. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful view. The cat made me giggle!


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